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DCB produces metal bending and cutting machines for the metalworking industry.

Standard production; Press Brake, Guillotine Scissors, Combined Scissors, Profile Bending Machine, Pipe Bending Machine and Horizontal Press Machines.

Special production machines are Plasma Drilling and Metal Plate Drilling machines.

All our machines which are produced in accordance with CE standards are under 10 year spare parts warranty.

DCB performs the installation and service of the machines in production quickly and carefully.

DCB Company, subcontracting activities in processing and welded manufacturing; fast, carefully.

DCB firms, companies who import machinery from Turkey conducts active engineering activities; production monitoring and quality control consultancy.


DCB Company, China BMS Roll Forming, Italy MG SRL and Portugal AMOB PT. the company serves the representative of Turkey.


DCB Company was founded in 2016 under the leadership of IBRAHIM HARMAN.

DCB Company is always committed to providing professional service to its customers.


Thank you for choosing to work with us.

Our respect,

DCB International Machinery Industry Trade Limited Company.



1996 -2016 He served as Advisor, CEO and Sales Director at Akyapak.

Knuth GmbH in Turkey between the years 1998-2011. Consultant.

Turkey, he served as a panelist in the international steel conference four times.

More than 40 articles and news have been published.

2012 BURSA COMMERCE HIGH SCHOOL VAFKI (BUTİVAK) was awarded the Professional Manager of the Year award.

He is the partner and sales manager of DCB.


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